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At 18 years old I left home to travel the world and fufill my dreams of becoming a showgirl, and it was then that my love for travel truly began.

I have successfully travelled the world working as a professional dancer and a model for many years. As soon as I was gifted my first camera and I picked it up to learn how to use it, my new passion began.

My romance with photography started with women, I absolutely love photographing beauty from any walk of life. Maternity & postpartum boudoir work has been the most rewarding and beautiful experience. Whilst editorial shoots and individual photo books constantly push my creativity when working with models and brands.

I am a sucker for a beautiful outdoor location and I feel so grateful everyday that doing the thing I love takes me to incredible places with exceptional people, I'm truly living my dream.

People often ask me why I started photography, I just love having the ability to gift people moments to look back on where they feel good. Giving brands and magazines the chance to work with females who radiate that feel good energy because that's the kind of vibe I create on set. 

I constantly strive to get the best shot I can, so from the planning to the post production and delivery I will alway go that extra mile to get the images you want. From rolling around on the floor if I have to, to helping find the perfect wardrobe that makes you feel great for the shots, I pride myself on from start to finish always giving my best.

Female photographer 

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