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Ambre & Epices Moroccan hotel, Tulum, Mexico

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Travel to what feels like a completely different continent during your trip to Mexico without even leaving Tulum. A taste of morroco right between the trees of the jungle of Tulum.

As someone who thrives off of traveling and thoroughly enjoy finding ways to get creative in those new locations, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss that feeling of reveling in a new culture, trying new foods and gawking over diverse architecture. I think thats why I enjoyed my stay at Ambre & Epices so much, it gave me that sense of travel, that refreshing feel, and sparked my creativity because everything felt so different.

Being in the beautiful town of Tulum throughout the last months has been unexpectedly beautiful, endless beaches, undiscovered jungle, natural pools...those divine cenotes. I have not been bored, I have had ample amount of time to discover on a a much more profound level this beautiful town I like to call home so often.

Ambre & Epicies is a relatively new addition to the town of Tulum built only in 2019, this brand new places offers lucious interior design, 2 outdoor large pools, 2 plunge pools, a rooftop terrace & ample photo opportunities with architecture that really stands out in a place like Mexico.

(My viral TikTok was filmed by one of their many plunge pools. Click here to see it)

Ive had this burning desire to visit Morocco for a long time

whilst living in Spain it was almost seems such a shame that I had no time to just pop over to Marrakesh and see the sights.

Finding this place, Ambre et Epecies, in the jungle of Tulum was such an incredible win.

As the borders are opening up and places are reviving, health and safety measures in place of course, there has ben a large influx of tourists arriving to Mexico and especially to the coast of the Riviera Maya.

It is great seeing locals returning to work and the economy slowly getting back on its feet, and whilst most tourists visit this little Caribbean town & flock to the beach I want to take you inside the jungle and show you a place that took my breath away due to its sheer uniqueness.

Sharing my experience at this incredible hotel that is newly open, I want to invite you to have a different experience next time you are visit this end of Mexico, somewhere you will struggle to forget.

Ambre et Epicies is a quiet place, and with exceedingly competitive prices it is slowly growing in popularity. A quiet drive down a wobbly road and into the jungle, although no direct access to the white sands and flat turquoise waters, you are totally immersed in nature, (with regular sightings of toucans) I truly believe that the visual aspect of this beautiful hotel is uncomparable and a place to get away from the rather busy hustle of the town center without the steep prices of the beachfront hotels.

Breakfast included, peace and quiet delivered, bathtubs or all shapes and sizes depending on the room you choose, totally furnished with incredible pieces all the way from Morocco you truly can loose yourself between the trees.

It is in a great location to explore the town, meander through the colorful streets, absorb yourself with the local music and artisan shops, you're not far from local restaurants and bars if you have a car or grab a cab and with a team of staff who make your stay exceedingly accommodating, Ambre seems to be excelling in all areas.

If you're anything like me and that you like your hotel to not just be a place to rest your head at night. Maybe you look for a place that feels comfortable, calm and a place where you can find peace.

Comfortable beds that left you rested, poolside playlists that added to the serenity and I personally couldn't wait for a long soak in the tub after a hot sticky day beneath the Tulum sun. Ambre allowed me to find the beauty of a luxurious hotel and with the prices they offer it won't break your bank.

If you are here for a long weekend or a week long stay, this is an excellent option that you should consider, and I would love to know if you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Wearing: Black crop top & wrap skirt: Claude Tulum

Blue kimono: Nyani Style

White crop top & Thai lounge pants: Nyani Style

Orange traditional Thai dress: Nyani Style

Traditional Colombian hat: Nyani Style

Pink Kimono: Nyani Style



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