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Quarantine in a bubble, Aventuras Club



We were in Bacalar when we first started getting word of the world turning upside down and whilst we sat on the jetty joking about what we would do if it made its way we to Mexico we didn’t believe we would be stuck in the Riviera Maya or staying put inside an apartment for the next few months.

As we made our way back to Tulum the news kept flooding in of how every country around the world was slowly enforcing stronger and stronger restrictions, restaurants started to close for good, hotels were shutting their doors (places we had been calling home) and we were forced to make fast decisions about where we wanted to be.

Finding a place to LOCKDOWN was not easy, things that before had not been a high priority were now top of the list of necessities in place we were going to rent. A washing machine (because launderettes had closed), kitchen (as we couldn’t get out to that tasty street food) and a garden/outdoor space (because god forbid this free spirit nature loving gal could NOT be locked in an an apartment if this was going to drag out.)

We ended up in Puerto Aventuras, a place that over the last 10 years of me living and visiting the Riviera Maya I had honestly kind of disregarded, it was nothing that I looked for in a place to live, lots of expats, enclosed, structured, mansions, and more of a glam lifestyle. Those who follow me know I am exceedingly adaptable but I would always choose a wooden tree house in Tulum over an apartment complex any day.


Puerto Aventuras to me had always felt like a bubble


But this time it was different, we were in the mix of a global pandemic and something about Puerto Aventuras now felt so comforting, it was a controlled neighbourhood, with a military base on site, organic fruit and veg shop ,a supermarket across the road and the freedom to roam still whilst respecting others of course.

We drove passed Aventuras Club offices (inside of Puerto Aventuras) whilst house hunting and by chance called in to ask about availability. They told us there were two locations, the marina and the laguna, with a smile on their face and great conversation they showed us around whilst explaining about the different hygiene precautions they were taking during these times, which lets be honest was high up on list of desirable things with everything going on.

The marina location (see photos below), for those who saw my stories, is where we stayed last week, a very modern, elegant location, looking over the yachts, with a pool that had swinging bali beds (I mean if you can’t travel the world, find a back garden the brings it to you right).

The Laguna location had a different, slightly retro yet classy feel, I loved the vibe, and this is where we called home for the two months prior.

The living room had large windows that opened out onto our own private patio and then straight onto the grass that led down to a huge lagoon, a pool and water activities to use freely.

As soon as we left we knew that if we were going to be stuck somewhere, anywhere, then actually this place ticked all of the boxes. Freedom to roam and be outside in nature, our own space, away from other people, we could stay active and play around with water activities, spend quality time together. With no scheduled work, something that had never happened before, suddenly the terrifying idea of cancelling all our plans and staying locked inside was actually kind of exiting.

For those of you who follow me on instagram @jamilawardknott you will of become very familiar with the setup of the Laguna location. We felt so lucky to be in such a gorgeous place during quarantine. I don’t know if i would ever of found such a beautiful home away from home had the world not flipped on its head so I have to thank this situation to opening my eyes to places I had never given a chance before.


"Puerto Aventuras offered us the safety during quarantine we needed and we slipped into a comfortable way of life during the 3 months we were there."


Meditation, stretching, paddle boarding, beach access, kayaking, biking, swimming, jumping constants in the pool run by me and won by me….Aventuras club definitely delivered on keeping life interesting, active and life felt honestly quite normal for once. For a pair of nomads who are used to little or no routine, or calling a place a home for a long time, Puerto Aventuras offered us the safety during quarantine we needed and we slipped into a comfortable way of life during the 3 months we were there.

We were able to cook breakfast lunch and dinner and actually eat together everyday, we did normal tasks that are not so normal in our freestyle life. Things like doing laundry, getting into mini routines of going out on our bikes, waking up early, hanging out and immersing ourselves in activities, and with no individual workflow we were able to spend sooo much more time together, which could of been a blessing or a curse but we, Gerardo and I, reveled in it. We created content we loved, played with our gadgets, laughed, talked about things that often go unsaid as life gets busy. Quarantine bought us closer, happier more clear on our direction and Aventuras Club felt like home.

I think Quarantine or not if you are looking for a holiday home that has all of the things you might need, every kitchen utensil, many bathroom sinks, an incredibly helpful and happy handyman, a gardener who brings you fresh coconuts from the garden, and an admin team with a hands on approach that daily were there to help with any query, doubt or question we had; Aventuras Club ticks all of those boxes. You can feel at home in the Riviera Maya, and share an experience with your friends and family for as long as you desire.

Thank you to the whole team at Aventuras Club for making our Quarantine so desirable, together we made an incredible stay in one of the craziest times of our lives, I hope we will be be able to come back and visit sometime in the future, but until then I will let my readers, followers & friends have a chance to visit you and see it for themselves.

Photography: Gerardo Arteaga

Location: Aventuras Club

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Jul 09, 2020

Another beautiful trip into your world ❣️ I love that you allude to how massive a life change the lockdown is for you two travellers but the emphasis is on positivity of how you accepted it and cherished the time for each other and some of the 'normals in life ' ~ laundry, staying in one place , no access to quick delicious street food, shone through the writting. The photos are gorgeous.


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