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Self Love, Self Care & Healing

Updated: May 27, 2020

You might be thinking, healing is easier said than done, but nothing worth it is ever easy. It can be uncomfortable which is why not everyone can do it. However healing yourself from life's turmoils is the most valuable journey you will ever partake in. It only requires a bit of faith and willingness to start from somewhere.

Only at the beginning of this year 2019 I still struggled to quiet my mind and dedicate time daily to healing, I was easily distracted and could go days without stretching and pushing my body to feel the muscles awaken.

I am no guru or meditation expert and I am certainly no Yogi, I can only speak of my experience, which maybe similar to many others, in hopes to flick the switch inside of you and encourage you to join this search of self love and rehabilitation. It’s both courageous and admirable to start healing and loving yourself and we all need to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, it should be something you feel proud to admit and take part in!

My daily meditation spot throughout January 2019

Self love and self care seem to definitely be trending hashtags lately but what does it really mean to be looking after yourself? On my personal journey I am understanding what it is exactly my mind, body and soul needs, and whilst figuring it all out it has taken me on one the most beautiful journeys of my entire life. It has revived my love for myself, for art, music, fashion, people and the planet. I feel as though it has set a strong foundation for whatever will arise in my future, I feel as though the balance i am creating for myself is providing me with a strong core and mental clarity. Thus allowing me to attack and comprehend on a more profound what the universe has in store for me and what i set out to achieve.

When you are open to change you allow for growth and a shift in perspectives, which is exactly what I have been experiencing.

In a short couple of months through diet, mind and moving my body I have been able to totally change my mindset and way of life. I really have welcomed the idea that my body is my temple (as yogi as that sounds) and that I must care for it, love it and nourish it, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Here are a couple of things that I have changed since 2019 begun:

I have introduced daily stretching and taught myself how to meditate, and as somebody who found this so hard before hand i feel immensely proud of what i have been able to achieve within the area of mediation and I am so eager to learn more. I really do believe you have to want it and be in the right place of your life to begin with a practice like this, I had tried and failed so many times over years to sit and quiet the mind, and I simple couldn’t, I was not able to focus and I was not determined enough to succeed.

I have completely changed my diet and way in which I approach food. It has encouraged me to make much more conscious decisions when eating and my mind feels clearer, I believe I am healing physically from years of destruction and bad decisions. I have almost been two whole months on the candida cleanse, which means absolutely zero sugar, not even fruit, no starchy vegetables or carbohydrates. It is most definitely the hardest thing I have ever done but I hope that eventually it will be worth it.

Essentially we must focus on self education, getting to know ourselves, which can often be forgotten. Getting to know our fears and personal challenges, getting to know our digestive system and minds, knowing when we must push ourselves to excel but also knowing and understanding when we must take time for ourselves to recharge. Identifying your self care rituals, things that light that spark in you, that bring you back to life and recharge your energy, make you feel great about yourself.

Every time you find a way to release pain, negative emotions or thoughts about yourself and introduce more happiness into your life, smile about it, celebrate it and share it! It's so necessary to praise your own transformation as well as encouraging others to join the journey.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after” Dr. Chritiane Northrup

The process of healing provides us with a balance, allows us to be present and also provides a rippling effect to others who need a helping hand. You will notice you won’t just be met with self love but also with love for your growth.

How do you take care of yourself? What are the ways in you practice #SELFCARE ?

Here are some of the ways in which I make sure I am focusing on my health and myself and allow myself to be happy..

- Spending time alone in nature, beach, river walks, sitting in parks. It reminds me of how stillness is vital in our lives and when we seek it how revitalizing it can be.

- Drawing. Allowing my imagination to run wild.

- Being by the ocean.

- Meditation.

- Hot showers or baths.

- Taking breaks from social media and technology when i need to.

- CBD Products really help regulate my moods help with anxiety and depression.

- Allowing myself to say no without feeling guilty.

- Eating colourful foods and staying hydrated.

- Stretching and moving my body, exercise, dance classes.

- Eating my favourite desserts.

- Spending time with my family.

- Getting my hair, or nails or pampering in some form making my physical appearance better.

They are hundreds of ways in which you can better yourself and your life, they can be such simple things that we forget to do daily. What can be calming and spark joy in one person maybe a trigger for another. It is detrimental that as well as being able to identify what makes you happier and calmer with yourself, what allows you to heal and be at one, that you also identify what it is that distracts you and leads you on a negative pathway. Practicing self-care can have great benefits for your mental health and is a great way to connect and start loving yourself by putting your happiness and wellbeing first!

Let me know how you look after yourself in the comments below!


Hi Jamila, if you happen to read this know that its such a glad feeling knowing that there are others that might be a step or two forward in the journey, and having this light in form of a blog to lead us in this sometimes dark place is something to be grateful at. Really admire the courage and approach you have towards life. Vibes n' besos from México lindo.


Hola y un GRACIAS inmenso por este post tan inspirador....ya no se que me encanta más; tu mente o tu físico? y creo que son los dos!!! me encanta ver tus fotografías y también ver que estas en un nivel de curación física y espiritual que se ve reflejada en lo que haces. Yo solamente hago un poco de ejercicio y trato de comer sano.....también evito tabaco y alcohol.....y sobre todo evito a las personas negativas, agresivas y aquellas que siento que me roban el aura....un gran beso para ti amiga.


Mar 05, 2019

Cada día me hago mas fan de lo que escribes en tu página👌me encanta leerte!❤


Mar 02, 2019

I watched and felt you grow within me.I watched and helped you grow and flourish as you grew up. I watch you now as a wonderful women growing in grace,beauty and self belief. I watch with emence joy and proudness. I watch and learn to grow my self from the one who grew within me. I watch the women I love with all my heart. Thank you my beautiful baby .


Namaste Jamila, I have been following you for a while and love that you share your journey with us. I wish you all the best and continuous growth. Still waiting for you to come to South Africa :-)

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