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Post Surgery & BII

Updated: May 27, 2020

What surgery and why? 

I decided after 7 years of having breast implants that on the 18th of December I removed mine. When I first got them the symptoms of breast implant illness things started very subtly they were things that I would never of connected to my implants and as the years went on more and more symptoms became evident it wasn’t until 2016 when Crystal Hefner came out with her case that I was able to sit back, research and really connect the dots.

It affected not just my physical health but severely my mental health, a lot of symptoms came in really strong waves there had been times where I would be in bed and just not get out for days, my brain fog, anxiety and depression were sometimes out of my control. I started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks which I had never had in my entire life, my lack of energy, the fatigue, did not matter if I was doing a lot or nothing at all was always present.

My entire body suffered from inflammation, especially my joints and my gut. I had uncontrollable allergies of facial swelling, gut problems and red eyes that affected not just my social life but also my work. 

Muscle pain and weakness, endless skin issues, I had been hospitalised with IBS on various ocasiones, the list of symptoms was long.

It was just is a really sucky feeling hauling yourself through life not feeling the healthy person you should be. For the life I was living, the good food I was eating and things I was partaking in and dong for my body I shouldn’t of felt that unhealthy.

It’s took it’s toll on my career, I had not been in a physical or mentally good space to pursue the things I had wanted to and I became just fed up with fighting against these foreign object. BII is a difficult illness to prove as many doctors are in denial still, however the more research that you do the more you become aware of surgeons internationally that are actually stopping to use breast implants now as the long term effects are just crippling to some. 

Some of the symptoms I mentioned are only a few, and I am one of the “luckier” ones not as severely affected by these toxic bags as other people have been. In the BII community there are people with irreversible health damage, autoimmune diseases and bed energy to speak out about what’s going on.

I didn't want to wait any longer to see if my symptoms got worse, I wanted to give my body the best chance at healing and it had been three years since Crystal Hefner spoke out about her situation and it took me three years of finding the right surgeon, finding the funds and the right moment to have this intense, invasive surgery.

Everyone who gets breast implants will at some point have symptoms, some feel it immediately, others after years. Putting a foreign object in your body full of heavy metals and toxins, from the moment it’s in your body your body is fighting against it. Using all its energy, your immune system and brain are focusing on these silicone bags above your major organs, you don’t have energy to fight against other issues.

I followed many people online, from all walks of life, and I have friends that have explanted with major improvements in all of their health symptoms. I was hopeful and excited to give my body a chance to get back to optimal health. I spent the last few months really focusing on me, my body my mind and getting back to where I used to be.

I was so nervous about posting this story in December on my Instagram, I’d be lying if I wasn’t, it’s a very raw subject and was exposing myself in a totally new way. But I want to use my platforms to help and share anything I know to help anyone I know or anyone you know...hopefully I can prevent people from even getting them because health is so important. And there are alternatives to having foreign objects inside of you that you can consider that are so much more healthier.

These photos taken in February 2020 are from my first photoshoot post op, I didn't know that I would feel free or confident enough to be in front of the camera like before, but the work I did internally throughout my time in recovery was vital for me arriving to this moment. I worked my mind and soul to prepare myself to come home to my body. And I am so happy I made this decision to operate and looking forward to saying goodbye permanently to more of my symptoms, and the changes my body will naturally make.

Check out these and let me know what your thoughts are on my first photos back in front of the camera:

Photography: Gerardo Arteaga


Antonio Hurtado
Antonio Hurtado
Jun 13, 2020

toda su fotos son hermosa y la paz que tienes cautiva por siempre te amo


Thanks for sharing your experience


You'll always look beautiful because your soul is the most gorgeous thing that I've ever seen.

And nowadays you are hotter than before.


Apr 07, 2020

You look beautiful so natural like the day you were born🦋

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