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Moulin Rouge, Paris

As we arrived I felt my heart flutter, it was that feeling that engulfs you when you come face to face with an idol. A place as a young dancer I had only ever imagined and dreamed of seeing, she stood there tall, red, and the mill spun so eloquently.

I was immediately reminded of the scene from the movie when Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor sung emotionally their duet on the roof of the Moulin Rouge, although nothing alike the movie I still felt as if the walls held memories of such stories.

Once inside you are pulled back in time, seated in a large yet cozy auditorium the energy bouncing off of everybody in the audience. Some tourists who had been interested in the show for its fame and dazzling beauties who graced the stage, and young men and women too from the artistic world who were finally meeting their opportunity to gaze in awe of the talented cast .

The gorgeous Michaela, one of the beautiful dancers of the infamous Moulin Rouge was kind enough to invite us to watch her perform. We were ushered to our seats and greeted with a bottle of champagne on ice, they popped the bottle and I pursed my lips around the glass, the lights lowered and the show begun. As the cast spewed out in sequins I took in every bit I could, my eyes were stuck to the stage and I was memorized by all of the dancers. As the soft candle light illuminated my smile I am felt so grateful for opportunity to see such a monumental show live in Paris.

As a professional dancer and a lover of the arts I always seek out the way to incorporate shows, museums and exhibitions into my trips away. As a spectator of something as marvelous as this, I would recommend this experience from start to finish for anyone not just a lover of the theatre. The costumes are without a doubt a show in themselves, the performers excel in every area and a stage full of females so dainty with beautiful small breasts (and who doesn’t love breasts). It might be a travel cliché “When in Paris…” but it is worth every penny and if you have the chance don’t be left saying “ I wish I went to the Moulin Rouge”

Being smothered in hugs and kisses by some beautiful French girls!

A huge thank you to MGDress for dressing me on this evening at Moulin Rouge, I could not of planned a more appropriate dress. It is one of those dresses that hugs you in all the right places and really makes you feel good, and isn't that what we are all looking for especially on such a special evening as one at the Moulin Rouge!

And words can not describe the gratitude to Michaela, beauty, grace and talent that just lit up the stage, it's one thing being able to sit and watch such an infamous show but it definitely felt exceedingly special to be invited by one of the talented cast. Make sure you watch my new video on YouTube to see he beautiful long legs and gorgeous smile!

Photos: Gerardo Arteaga

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