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Talamanca, Ibiza, Islas Baleares 2018

Feeling blessed & a little undressed...

The journey is inward. Being able to see the world and go to many places, I have realized that the furthest and deepest I have travelled was by stopping, staying still and allowing myself to work within.

They say here on the island of Ibiza that the island picks you. People come and go, some make it and so me head home. Because aside from the obvious nightlife attraction the island is buzzing with a majestic energy that hums around and is felt by the special.

The turquoise mediterranean waters, and endless coves and rock pools that grace the edges of this floating island of fun and dreams are what give Ibiza its unique touch. There is something for me that calls me to Ibiza, be it the thousands of like minded nomads from all corners of the globe that dream of music, magnetic energy and dance floors/beaches to move on in unison.

Or if it´s nature's diversity that is right on your doorstep wherever you choose to look. It is a place that just feels effortlessly accommodating, and definitely like a home.

Only 571 km² but it has shown me how deep love can be. Both self love and love for everything that is a main focus in my life; relationships, friendships, work. It's been a truly incredible journey where i have been able to dance in front thousands with music, artists, djs, producers with exceptional talent and fame. Also a place where i have had the opportunity to grow friendships with some of the realest people i have ever met, who have unknowingly brought me home to myself, who have helped me unleash the me that I had been bottled up for a few to many years. These people, situations, and moments maybe not noticeably significant to others have changed me and I know now that the universe worked to get to me here to connect me with these special individuals. It gave me the time me to grow as a person, and gave me the opportunity to shine again on some of the biggest and most renowned stages of the world.

Ibiza I am forever thankful for you and your enchantment every time I come back to you you spin me around with a whirlwind of emotions and challenges both personally and professionally. I have discovered each time new places and people that have only enriched my journey even more, so thankyou!

These photos are taken at the end of the road I live on, I feel lucky enough to call this beach, these sands, and waters home. I can see the ocean from my bed and I am surrounded by the humming calls of nature whilst being close to the hustle and bustle if I wish.

This is my welcome to Ibiza post as the last few months have been time away to organize what it is I want to bring to this website and all my readers. As for me this online journal of feelings, places and photos is not just a blog, of where to go and what to do but a place where we can as a community discuss emotions and feels.

So Welcome back readers, my inbox is always open and thank you for all the deep meaningful messages I have received about past posts and checking in on me. You guys make this worth it.

Photography: Gerardo Arteaga

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