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Tulum, Mexico 2018

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

A unique place with a beautiful mix of magic and nature

Ft. Feels & Sparkles

My favorite place on earth, it has allowed me to channel my emotions every time I visit, recharge energies, connected me with nature and the planet in such a way that I always find myself coming back for more.

It is a place full of adventures and madness, with live music inside the jungle and beside cenotes, yoga at sunrise, creative flow gastronomically and creative freedom in terms of fashion. Tulum inspires me, it gives me time and space to express myself artistically and where experimentations of every kind are accepted and encouraged, emotionally, medicinally, sexually, spiritually.

The liberty to be and express who you wish to be in Tulum is one of the main reasons I believe people return here over and over again, the notion that together we dance with nature against the commercial ideas of fashion, music and food, that we allow ourselves to meet new people and be our true selves without the influence of anyone or anything. Being covered in sparkles, dancing until sunrise and then often on into the days, taking unplanned adventures with travelers and dreamers from every corner or the globe is what makes it so mysterious and stimulating.

It is a place so inexplicably beautiful with allot more to offer than what meets the eye.

I don’t think that is ever too late or even too early to be whoever you yearn to be.

You can do you or make a change. In terms of this thing called life, there are no rules. We can make the best or the worst of this short stay in this life, and I hope that we squeeze the absolute best out of it.

I hope you travel and see new places, feel connections that you have never felt before, learn new cultures, new languages, and I hope you often meet people that challenge your ideas of normal. Scare yourself, express yourself, love yourself and be so proud of yourself and everything you have achieved up until now. But don’t stop there, keep going and motivate yourself to see, do learn and love more. And if you are feeling down and stuck and struggling I hope you find it deep within yourself to stand up and start again, because the world and life has so much to offer you just need to open your eyes and recharge your energies.

Life can be unpredictable, ride the waves....(Puns intended)

(I love this photo so much, totally unplanned obviously haha)

Dress: Motel Rocks

Photography: Gerardo Arteaga

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